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Professional staff in CHARMANT NAMIKI St. GINZA provides an in-depth personal consultation.

Faulty adjustment of eyeglasses causes pain, fatigue and sliding down, despite a correct prescription. At CHARMANT NAMIKI St. GINZA, numerous check-ups are undertaken, ensuring your best eyeglass experience ever.

・check your current eyeglasses

・test your eyesight with CHARMANT optical trial frames

・check the angle and distance when you wear eyeglasses, using the           latest digital camera

・help you choose the best and most suitable lenses according to your         day-to-day needs

・choose and adjust your favourite frame based on your head profile in         the database

​ and much more …

We offer a variety of services and even more than those shown above. Clients who reserved an appointment online enjoy a customised service as priority.

Visual acuity test, which is close to natural viewing conditions, brings about better vision.

CHARMANT NAMIKI St. GINZA performs a Binocular Open-View Visual Acuity Test.

During the test, rather than cover one eye, both eyes remain open, which is close to natural viewing conditions.

Compared with traditional visual acuity tests, this new method reduces the risk of over-correction and brings about clear and comfortable vision.

※Traditional Visual Acuity Test is also performed for special ocular and visual conditions.

※Professional visual acuity test rooms are fully-equipped and available on both the 1st and 2nd floors. Visual acuity testing is only for customers who decide to purchase a frame, lenses, or a complete pair of glasses.


Enjoy unique “3D Head Measurement”


It’s not just about frame design, but also whether the frames are comfortable for all day wear.

The“3D Head Measurement System” at CHARMANT NAMIKI St. GINZA measures head shape for all essential information, like papillary distance, height differences of ears, distance between eyes and ears and so on. You then receive a personal analysis of your physical data and an incredibly accurate frame recommendation.


※Customers who reserve an appointment online enjoy 3D Head Measurement as priority.

※3D Head Measurement is only for customers who decide to purchase a frame,lenses or a complete pair of glasses on 2F.

At "Charman Namiki-dori", when preventing new coronavirus infections, customers can use services such as "selection of eyeglass frames", "optometry", "adjustment of eyeglasses", and "maintenance of eyeglasses" with peace of mind. We are implementing various measures.

Please feel free to visit us.

60 minutes for choosing a suitable frame and taking the Binocular Open-View Visual Acuity Test. 90 minutes for extra 3D Head Measurement and professional advice.

※Time required is only for reference.

※Time required can be shortened in special cases. 
※Eye test is a service only for the customers who decide to purchase a frame, lenses, or a complete pair of glasses.

CHARMANT’s Unique Achievement – Optical Trial Frames “SMART TESTER”

CHARMANT’s unique optical trial frames, which are ultra-light and have an interchangeable frame front, reduce the processing time for both customer and optician.


Whether you prefer single vision lenses or progressive lenses, CHARMANT optical trial frames provide instantaneous eyesight, achieving a better visual experience in every situation.

[Patent Registration No. 6871064]

It is said that people get 80% of their information through sight.While improving eyesight is important, good vision also plays a vital role in processing information.People don’t often realise the distinction between the terms eyesight and vision.

After a detailed consultation, we provide the perfect glasses for your needs, and moreover, professional advice for improving visual function. Enjoy our service and products at CHARMANT NAMIKI St. GINZA.

​About trying on eyeglasses

At the store, including the full variation of "Line Art Charmant"
You can try more than 1,000 types of eyeglass frames and sunglasses, such as "Charman Z" and "Choco Series" eyewear that does not leave a mark on your nose, regardless of whether you have a reservation.

Please experience the difference in comfort as well as the design, and search for the best glasses for you.


All the staff are looking forward to your visit.

​​Special maintenance service

To everyone who uses Line Art Charmant ...


Would you like to refresh your favorite glasses that you have used for many years?

Regardless of the store where you purchased the line art, our experienced staff will be happy to provide after-sales follow-up and frame adjustments for your line art Charmant eyeglass frames.

Click here for details on "Special Maintenance Service"

​2nd floor reservation / charter system

Due to the spread of coronavirus infectious diseases, "Charman Ginza Namiki-dori" will be available on the 2nd floor by "reservation / charter system".

Customers who have made reservations can choose their glasses slowly to their heart's content in a comfortable space like a spacious salon overlooking Namiki-dori, without having to interact with other customers like their own private space. You can enjoy.  

* The restroom and head measurement room on the 2nd floor are shared spaces.

* The 1st floor will continue to be open as usual.  

We accept reservations by phone or on the "Charmant Ginza Namiki-dori" website, so please use it.

We look forward to welcoming you to our store.

At CHARMANT NAMIKI St. GINZA, customers with appointments are served as priority, ensuring all questions are answered and problems solved through procedures followed by our professional staff.


Pick Up・Cleaning・Repair

We offer excellent after-sales support. Reserve online or simply make a phone call.Professional staff is here to help you with pick-up, lens cleaning, frame adjustment, parts exchange, or repair. Enjoy all these services at CHARMANT NAMIKI St. GINZA.

※Fitting room for eyeglasses adjustment is fully prepared on 1F.


It takes 30 minutes to pick up your glasses, including prescription check, frame adjustment, and explanation of after-sales support.

※Time required is only for reference.

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