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シャルマン 銀座並木通り

Special Maintenance Service + hypochlorite water & anti-glare

*Parts may be difficult to obtain or may be subject to a charge depending on the circumstances of the repair or defect. If repairs are necessary, we will provide a separate estimate. Please feel free to contact us first.

If you have any of the following problems, please contact us.

除菌イラスト_アートボード 1 のコピー 4.jpg

Those who are concerned about droplet infection from the eyes.

We sterilize glasses using "hypochlorite water," which is a sterilizing water that has a bactericidal effect against bacteria and viruses.

Those who suffer from lens fogging.

Wipe off every detail of the lens with a special anti-fogging eyeglass wipe.

To make an appointment for the "Rhino-Art Charmant" Special Maintenance Service, please contact us at the following address.

In order to ensure a smooth visit, appointments are made in the order in which they are made.

If you have any questions about comfort, or if you are having trouble seeing with your glasses because the power of your lenses has changed, please make an appointment for a fitting or vision test.


To all Rhinestone Art Charmant users...

Why don't you refresh your glasses that you have used and loved for many years?

Loose screws, fogged lenses, fitting, nose pad adjustment...
No matter how carefully you use your eyeglass frames, maintenance is necessary.

How about a little more careful maintenance than usual to ensure that you can use your frames for a long time to come?

Our skilled staff will follow up and adjust your Rhinestone Art Charmant spectacle frames (regardless of the store of purchase) free of charge, so please feel free to make an appointment.

This service is available only for customers who have made a reservation to visit our store.

We will carefully maintain the parts that are usually difficult to clean.

for example···


Disassembly and detail cleaning.

Replacement with new nose pads.

Adjustment of glasses.

and more

*Maintenance service and hypochlorous acid sterilization + anti-glare service are available only for Rhinestone Art Sharman frames that are brought in in person. This service is not available for shipped items.

Video of some of our maintenance.

Hypochlorous acid water sanitizing + anti-fogging service. (reservation required)

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