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シャルマン 銀座並木通り

We have summarized the frequently asked questions for our shop.

​Please check before contacting us.

Q.: Is it possible to adjust and maintain Charmant frames?
A.: Adjustments and maintenance are available free of charge.

At our shop, we recommend special maintenance that disassembles and cleans the frame, replaces consumables, and adjusts.

The required time is about 20 to 30 minutes, so if you have time, please let the staff know.

Q.: The Charmant frame has been damaged. Is it possible to repair it?
A.: Depending on the part and details of the repair, we can accept it.
Q.: Do I need to make an appointment to visit?
A.: We are not a reservation specialty store.

You can visit us without a reservation. However, we give priority to customers with reservations, so if there are many customers, it may take some time for the staff to respond.

Q.: How many products do you have?
A.: We have more than 1,000 Charmant products in our shop.

Among them, "Line Art Charmant" is available in a full lineup, and you can experience the difference in frame design and comfort.

Q.: Is it possible to purchase only the frame?
A.: It is also possible to purchase only the frame.
Q.: Can I purchase the frame and lenses together?
A.: We also accept purchases of frames and lenses as a set.

We carry lenses from HOYA, Nikon, SEIKO, Tokai Optical, and Carl Zeiss.

Pricing: ●Single-focal (outer surface aspherical design) lenses: 1 set of 2 lenses: ¥19,800- (tax included) ●Bifocal (standard grade) lenses: 1 pair of 2 lenses: ¥33,000- (tax included) I'm here.

*The lens is coated with anti-static, anti-scratch, water-repellent, UV cut, and UV cut on the back side.

In addition, color dyeing, blue light cut coating, etc. are available for an additional fee.

Lenses come in different designs and grades, and you can choose from a variety of lens types depending on your prescription and intended use.

Please feel free to ask our staff for details.

​ Click here for explanations of various lenses

Q.: Can I put lenses in my Charmant frames?
A.: We also accept lens replacement for your Charmant frame.

Depending on the condition of your frame, such as the strength or deterioration over time, it may be difficult to accept, so please contact our staff for details.

Q.: Can you measure my eyesight?
A.: We also accept vision measurement.

At our shop, we recommend a "binocular open refraction test" to measure visual acuity in a state close to natural vision.

In addition, we also accept orders for creating eyeglasses with the same prescription power as eyeglasses currently in use. Please feel free to contact our staff.

Q.: How long does it take for the product to be ready?
A.: All the lenses we carry are custom made by the manufacturer. It takes about 1 week to 10 days for the product to be completed.

If you are in a hurry, please contact our staff.

Q.: Do I have to come to the store to pick it up?
A.: Delivery is also possible according to the customer's convenience.

At our shop, we will check the appearance and perform the final fitting, so we recommend that you come to the store to receive it.

Q.: I want to know about the payment method.
A.: Cash, credit card, and electronic payment (paypay/alipay/WeChat pay) are available.
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