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シャルマン 銀座並木通り


Sophisticated beauty" and "the highest quality" were created,
The passion and superb craftsmanship of skilled craftsmen have created "refined beauty" and "the highest quality.

Ultra-fine press line

Ultra-thin and long press lines applied to the front and back of the ultra-thin 0.6 mm excellent titanium. The press line realized by advanced press processing technology creates a beautiful and noble appearance not only when it is hung, but also when it is folded. In addition, a skilled craftsman holds his breath to apply the coloring to the press line that accentuates the silhouette line.

Modeling of acetate yoloy section

The arrowhead-shaped yoloi is meticulously designed by engineers who know the characteristics of each different material, titanium and acetate, and is ultra-precisely machined using digital 3D technology. The flat finish with no steps, in which the titanium parts are embedded in the acetate part without any gap, enhances the sense of quality of the eyeglass frames and creates an unshakable dignity. (XL11003-XL11006)

LineArt CHARMANT quality

In order to accurately inherit the functionality and quality of "Rhein-Art Charmant", we maximize the characteristics of our proprietary material Excellence Titanium using the latest CAE technology (virtual prototyping, virtual testing, and digital simulation). We have achieved "Rhein-Art Quality" by pursuing the ideal balance between formability and quality, and by repeating the process over and over again.

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