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La Campanella_ゴールド.png

La Campanella

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Franz Liszt's piano piece "La Campanella".

Liszt, who was a virtuoso and was even called the wizard of the piano, was a master of the piano,

It is said to be one of the most famous pieces of music that explored the possibilities of the piano to the utmost limit.

Campanella" means "little bell" in Italian,

Delicate and sparkling melodies appear throughout the piece,

Beautifully ringing bells are recalled.

While the same material, Excellence Titanium,

By changing its shape and form, we want it to sound a different tone from the past.

It is delicate and beautiful, and signals the beginning of a new "Lineart Charmant".

As in "Sign."

The tones that this collection resonates with,

They resonate with each other, spreading one, two, three,

And we sincerely hope that we will bring you rich harmony.

La Campanella_ゴールド.png

La Campanella



The many details that went into the creation of the "Rhinestone Art Charmant" express a new style.



The passion and superb craftsmanship of our skilled craftsmen have created "refined beauty" and "the highest quality.


―  Succession and Innovation  ―

The "supreme comfort" inherited in function and form.

Sophisticated beauty" that sets it apart from existing collections.

Creating a new world of "Lineart Charmant" through inheritance and innovation.

―  Form  ―

A "beautiful and elegant design" based on simplicity and cleanliness.

Beautiful flowing line" from front to side.

The entire form expresses the identity of "Lineart Charmant".

― Intrinsic value ―

"Seamless beauty" without complex structure

An "overwhelming sense of quality" due to careful attention to detail.

Creating new value through the pursuit of beauty and quality in the essential parts of eyeglass frames.


A new collection of "LineArt CHARMANT" starts from "CHARMANT NAMIKI St.GINZA".

Surprises and impressions for you.

The new collection of "Rhinestone Art Charmant" pursues "refined beauty" by cutting down

The new collection of "Rhino-Art Charmant

【Design registration No. 1736311】

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