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シャルマン 銀座並木通り


Machined titanium

High-strength titanium is precisely machined to achieve extreme thinness and lightness that one would not expect from a plate material. In addition to the sharp edges and unique beautiful surface luster created by cutting, a seamless, beautifully minimalist design was created by cutting the front in one piece.



The many details that went into the creation of the "Rhinestone Art Charmant" express a new style.




End piece

In order to express a beautiful silhouette with a sense of unity and flow throughout the frame, the brooch, which is indispensable as a frame, is built into the armor, giving it a more sophisticated look and a minimal finish. In addition, the design is longer than the usual Ichikachi, and it is a shape that is easy to adjust.





Excellence titanium temples express the beauty of the brand with dynamic, streamlined press lines. The curved shape of the temples, as is typical of Rhinestone Art Charmant, gently wraps around the head, and the slender yet comfortable fit prevents shifting. This is the ultimate in comfort..

End tip

The unique form of the moderne, designed to be wide enough to follow the shape of the head, distributes the force applied behind the ears and provides a stable and comfortable fit. In addition, the use of acetate as the material for the moderne gives it a smooth, gentle feel and an elegant, glossy sheen.

Pad arm

The newly developed special clings satisfy both beauty and comfort at the same time. The arm shape of the clings creates a clear impression when viewed from the front, and can be finely adjusted to match the shape of the wearer's nose. The shape of the arms does not interfere with the lenses, making it easy to clean the lenses.

Titanium nose pad

The nose pads were originally developed in pursuit of an ideal shape that is gentle against the nose and disperses the force applied to the nose to prevent pain. By realizing the shape with titanium material, which is highly durable and does not cause allergies, we have completed an innovative titanium pad with enhanced functionality and design.


The pursuit of beauty in the essential parts of eyeglass frames extends to even a single screw. The screws used to fasten the front plastic to the bridge and for the hinges are machined flat head screws. This gives the design of the eyeglass frames a higher quality impression.


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