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High Myopia Glasses

​ (unisex model)

Eyewear brand LineArt CHARMANT has developed a pair of glasses that solves the problem of "eyes that look smaller when wearing glasses.It will be sold exclusively at the directly-managed "CHARMANT NAMIKI St.GINZA" store.





​XL6 LineArt CHARMANT Brio

Simple Boston-type combination frames. It has a trendy look and can also be used orthodox. This is truly an all-around frame.


​XL5 LineArt CHARMANT Brio

Soft Wellington type combination frames. They are not stiff, yet give off an orthodox atmosphere. It is one that can be worn in a variety of ways.


We offer spectacle frames that can be used comfortably by users of high myopia spectacles, which are not covered by existing size spectacle frames.

Highly myopic spectacle users "3 concerns"

強度近視アイコン修正_アートボード 1 のコピー.png

Most of your problems are caused not only by "lens power" but also by "lens thickness" due to the difference between "customer's PD*" and "spectacle frame size".

強度近視イラスト_2_アートボード 1 のコピー.png
強度近視イラスト_2_アートボード 1 のコピー 2.png

What is PD (interpupillary distance)...

PD is the distance between the left and right pupils. Interpupillary distance.



Barrel-type metal frames with a clear vertical width. It creates an elegant and intelligent impression around the eyes and is one that is easy to incorporate into everyday styling.



Metal frames with eye-catching accents on the top of the small Boston type. The good balance of mode and femininity makes these frames useful not only for main use but also for sub use.

​Development STORY

The rapid spread of remote work due to the spread of the new coronavirus has increased demand for eyeglasses. Today's eyeglass frames come in a wide range of price points and designs, making it a pleasure to choose the right frames according to one's taste and purpose of use. However, we have seen some problems in the selection of eyeglasses for people with strong myopia, such as "my eyes look too small," "the lenses are too thick," and "the glasses are too heavy. For some, the slightest difference in size balance can drastically change their appearance, causing them to shy away from spectacles. In response to these concerns, we have started to develop and commercialize "RhinArt Charmant Spectacles for High Myopia," spectacle frames that can be used comfortably by users of spectacles with high myopia, which could not be covered by existing size spectacle frames.

Points to solve your problems


You can choose the length of the nose width (bridge).

The most significant feature of these glasses is that the nose width (bridge) length can be selected from 16mm, 18mm, and 20mm (16mm and 18mm for XL3). This allows the wearer to choose a size that is more appropriate for them, and furthermore, by aligning the center of the lens with the center of the pupil, it reduces the appearance of smaller eyes.


Lens width designed to be small.

By designing the lens with a smaller width, the thickness of the lens is reduced, reducing the unnatural concavity of the contours.


Excellence Titanium" used for temples

The temples are made of "Excellence Titanium," a material developed specifically for eyeglasses, and are so light and comfortable that you may forget you are wearing them.




Soft square type metal frames. It has a classical and traditional atmosphere, and can create an impact in a good way.



These simple Boston-type metal frames are characterized by their ease of matching with various occasions and outfits, without being conscious of TPO.


Fits small faces!

Because frame sizes can be selected to suit the face, they are chosen not only by people with high myopia but also by "people with small faces. 

Wearing image

*Wearing lens data: lens power: -7.00D, refractive index: 1.60, lens grade: external surface aspheric, wearer PD: 58mm


Image of wearing conventional glasses.

The contours of the face are unnaturally concave and the eyes appear small.

Image of wearing glasses for high myopia.

The small difference between frame size and PD reduces unnaturalness.

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