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Staff of "Charmant Ginza Namiki-dori" talk

The attention to detail behind the new "Jewelry Frame

Finally launched Jewelry Frames 2023SS Model


The new jewelry frames from Rhinestone Art will finally go on sale.

We would like to take a peek at the charm of this new product by its designer, Ms. Inui.


Please give me your best regards.

I have heard that you have a great number of jewelry frame users among your clients.


I used to work at a glasses store in Okachimachi, where there are many jewelry stores, so I learned a lot about jewelry in my interactions with the surrounding stores. I have learned a lot about jewelry through my interaction with other stores in the area.


I see. So that's what it was about.


Ginza is an area where demand for jewelry is particularly high, and our line art jewelry frames have been very well received.

Both our clients and myself have been eagerly awaiting the new collection. Please tell us a lot about them today.


You have a wonderful lineup again. Are all of them designed by Mr. Inui?

​ Inui:

Although I am the designer in charge, the creation of jewelry frames requires the knowledge of various specialists, from the creation of gemstones and foundation parts to design, in addition to the frames, and the knowledge and skills from each perspective are combined to complete the design of a single pair of glasses. Therefore, I see it as a kind of team design.


I see! So it is the fruit of the wisdom of various professionals.


It sounds a little exaggerated, but that's how it is.