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シャルマン 銀座並木通り

Remote work, cooking, hobbies...

The gesture of shifting one's spectacles is seen in all kinds of everyday situations.
With flip-up spectacles, near-sighted people can simply flip up the lenses to see what is close at hand.

This is the first flip-up spectacles by LineArt CHARMANT, which was created as a result of pursuing the convenience of flip-up spectacles while maintaining the gentle wearing comfort of LineArt CHARMANT.

☓_アートボード 1 のコピー 2.png
​Comfortable to wear
​Flip-up glasses
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For troublesome lens fogging when wearing a mask.

Nowadays, there are many opportunities to wear masks.

If you are worried about lens fogging, you can rest assured that you can use flip-up glasses.

By flipping up the front, the lens touches the airflow and the cloudiness is reduced faster.

XL1830  LineArt CHARMANT Forte

Line Art Charmant's first flip-up glasses. Eliminates the annoying gesture of shifting glasses when looking near.

At first glance, the design looks like ordinary glasses, making it stylish and light.

¥ 57,200-

​Frame only (3 colors in total)

Product Feature 


About weight

Titanium material is used for the front and a nylor design is adopted. The cutting design on the upper part of the brow enables a weight of 16.5g, which is relatively lighter than other companies' products. Lens weight is not included.

About the Front Desk

The front base frame, including the frame of the spring-loaded hinge, is made of a single plate that has been repeatedly pressed and cut. This makes it highly rigid and does not warp when worn on the face, eliminating the lift of the front frame that is often seen in flip-up spectacles.

About Parts

Large washers were used for smooth bouncing and special screws were used as a measure to prevent loosening.



For normal use, the front is lowered for everyday spectacles.



When looking at the hand, flip up the front for easy viewing.

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