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シャルマン 銀座並木通り
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"Cutting-edge processing technology"

"Craftsmen's handiwork" fused

luxury eyewear

Sharman took on the challenge of developing luxury eyewear that combines cutting-edge processing technology with the handiwork of craftsmen.
While maintaining the "gentle comfort" that only Sharman can offer using "Excellence Titanium," the new eyewear features a thick, massive form and meticulously crafted details that set it apart from previous designs. The one and only eyewear with an overwhelming presence has been completed.
For those who visit Ginza in search of a unique and special product, the eyewear will be available at the directly-managed "Charmant Ginza Namiki-dori" store from November 11, 2010 in a limited production-to-order basis. (Production: Only one pair per month.)


GSP#01" is a special model that pursues "comfort and beauty in eyewear" by making the most of the advanced processing technology that Charmant has cultivated over many years of manufacturing eyeglass frames. The parts are formed by the most advanced laser processing and cutting technologies, polished by craftsmen, and assembled and finished by hand one by one.
The front and temples are made of three layers of precisely layered different materials: a transparent acetate plate with 1.2 mm square projections machined on both sides is sandwiched from the front and back by two beta titanium plates that fit the projections without gaps. The beautiful geometric pattern expressed by the overlapping of these different materials allows light to partially penetrate, creating a luxurious texture with a shimmering effect that changes depending on the angle of view.
At the back of the temples, a newly designed spring structure made of our original material "Excellence Titanium" machined from four surfaces is adopted to gently wrap the head.
The uniquely designed thick and three-dimensionally finished modern disperses pressure by taking into consideration the balance of the center of gravity while taking a wide ground contact area with the head.
The nose pad, a combination of titanium and silicone, has a new design that combines a beautiful luster with a soft nose feel.
The materials and design of the temples, modern, and nose pads provide a light and gentle wearing comfort that is hard to imagine from their massive appearance.



<Nose Pad> A combination of glossy titanium and soft silicone.


<Modern> A unique design with a thick and three-dimensional finish in consideration of the balance of the center of gravity.


<Temple> Adopts a spring structure with a new design that is machined from the original material "Excellence Titanium" on all sides.


<Pattern> A beautiful geometric pattern expressed by the contrast of materials and the transmission of light.

Fusion of "cutting-edge processing technology" and "craftsmanship"


"GSP#01" is a handicraft that requires the delicate senses of skilled craftsmen in each process such as polishing, assembly, and adjustment, so only one item is produced per month and it takes time to deliver.

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