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With new developments in frame technology, innovations such as Titan precision processing have attracted medical attention.


Laser micro-welding makes full use of 4 kinds of metal to develop micro-scissors for neurosurgery as well as neurosurgical/ophthalmic/cardiovascular/laparoscopic products. Recently, CHARMANT worked on products related to eyeglasses, such as X-Ray Protective Glasses, surgical loupes, face protection shields, and more.

CHARMANT medical products support medical efforts to focus on precise surgical procedures for hours. Devoting ourselves to precision and safety, CHARMANT stands beside doctors in the battle to save lives.

A selection of medical samples is available at CHARMANT NAMIKI St. GINZA.

CHARMANT Medical Business

CHARMANT Professional

CHARMANT Anti-Slide Frames are finally ready after a long period of study with a world-renowned doctor. Applying the most cutting-edge technology, CHARMANT delivers an incredible eyewear experience for a variety of occasions.

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Carefree Adjustable Temple End Tips

The temple end tips can be adjusted in 2 ways. Compared with common eyeglasses, CHAMANT frames are steady and comfortable, particularly the parts behind the ears, which hold securely, preventing the frames from sliding down.