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シャルマン 銀座並木通り
  • XL1621BL
  • XL1621 LineArt CHARMANT Vivace
  • XL1621RE
  • XL1621 LineArt CHARMANT Vivace
  • XL1621BE
  • XL1621 LineArt CHARMANT Vivace

XL1621 LineArt CHARMANT Vivace


Adds even more splendor to the popular Vivace model. The ultra-thin beta titanium panel is laser-engraved with delicate flowers. It is a design that has been subjected to various tests to realize a decoration that has both durability and delicacy that does not interfere with the supple springiness of Excellence Titanium. A similar floral motif is relief-processed on the titanium plate-cut front, which has an impressive red color for adults. Please enjoy the lineup of 10th anniversary models with the essence of Japanese craftsmanship, the comfort of line art, and the beauty competition backed by high-level technology.




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