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シャルマン 銀座並木通り

Limited Color Model


The color collection for the summer of 2023 is limited to dealers,

The color collection, which is limited to dealers for summer 2023, expresses the Japanese view of nature

The color of the temples expresses the Japanese view of nature, which sees beauty in the changing colors of the sky as well as in the changing seasons.

Please enjoy the beautiful color changes created by hand-worked gradation.

The product in question has the [Limited_Color] logo on the lens.

The product is scheduled to arrive at our dealers as soon as possible.

*The arrival date may differ depending on the store.










サイズ: 51□17-135○35 ¥58,300-

The temples are decorated with a gradation inspired by the pre-dawn sky and the eastern clouds. The fantastic glow of polarized pearls, from purple to orange, creates eyes full of elegance.

A modern and sophisticated minuet of intersecting graceful curves, this frame is stylish and easy to hang.

A pre-dawn scene of Shinonome is expressed in gradation using hand-painting and transfer techniques.

The classic design of the nylor type with a board cutout gives it a unique and intellectual impression.

Colored using a different technique from that used for the front, the twilight is represented by gradually shifting gradations.


DO[Dark brown]

サイズ: 53□18-145○35 ¥51,700-

The wabi-sabi feeling of this limited edition color is expressed in a mellow gradation on the temples reminiscent of twilight, with a dull, antique-like luster that gives it a strong presence.

Based on a sophisticated square shape, the rounded form creates a soft impression.

The gray base is dyed using a different technique from the navy front to express the evening.


MI[Mid night]

サイズ: 50□19-145○35 ¥44,000-

The dark blue to the shading on the temples and even the gray of the moderne expresses the evening as the sun begins to set and night begins to fall.

The contrast between the metallic shine of the front and the shirred texture of the temples is also attractive.


MI[Mid night]

サイズ: 50□18-135○37 ¥51,700(税込)

The front side of the lenses, based on a pink color that blends well with the skin, is dyed a deep purplish blue, reminiscent of nighttime darkness, and accents are placed on the sides.

The deep shade of blue of the temples and the pearly soft orange of the resin remind us of beautiful darkness and faint light.

These stylish frames have a catchy shape with metal accents that enhance the eyes.

The deep blue, orange, and gradient colors represent a scene at the end of the night.

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