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シャルマン 銀座並木通り
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​"12 Colors Special Glasses Case" Present

Along with the exciting and gorgeous season, a 12-color special glasses case has been completed.

Please take this opportunity to take a look at the limited number of special eyeglass cases.

​* This is a campaign for customers who have purchased "Line Art Charmant" eyeglass frames.

At "CHARMANT NAMIKI St.GINZA", we offer the best services (customer service, frame selection, eye examinations, etc.) to our customers by making an appointment in advance. Please feel free to make an appointment.

* It is not a reservation specialty store.


Bleu noble​

Forest green

Cream Soda

Ginza II 

Smoky titan

Teddy brown

Yellow mellow

Vanilla mint

Bronze time


Blueberry dream

Strawberry mood

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